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Reference letters

  Macky Stoy ( the corgi)

Last year my husband and I started talking about getting a new dog. We weren't sure what kind of dog we wanted or even if it was the right time for a dog. I saw Southern Corgis on Facebook, and decided to get more information since Corgis were one of the dogs on our list. Jodi took the time to answer every question I had about Corgis, and I had a lot. She was really knowledgeable about the breed. I could tell right away that she was really proud of her dogs and that she really cared about them. After talking with Jodi, I knew that a Corgi was going to be the perfect dog for us. We picked out one of the girl puppies. When the puppies were old enough, Jodi let my boys and me come and visit. She was really patient with my boys (ages five and two). The boys had the best time and couldn't wait to bring our new puppy home. When it was time, Jodi sent us home not only with a perfect puppy, but also plenty of advice and even a blanket that the mother had laid on to make the transition easier. Jodi has kept in touch with us, and still answers any questions that I might have. Macky, our puppy, has been a perfect addition to our family. She amazes us all the time with how smart she is, and she is fantastic with children. We are so glad that we found Southern Corgis. ( Amanda Stoy)




To whom it may concern,

Southern Corgis was a wonderful place to get our corgi. We got our puppy a year ago and couldn’t be happier. Our puppy, Isabelle, is smart, healthy, and playful. We frequently receive comments on how beautiful her color or markings are. Isabelle loves to run and play all day. At night she can’t wait for snuggle time, she usually runs in to get in the bed before we do. Isabelle has never been aggressive with us or around children. We have tested her with kids many times and she is always wonderful. 

One of the greatest things about getting our puppy from southern corgis is having them come from a home. When we brought home Isabelle she was already very comfortable with people and other dogs we didn’t have to socialize her at all. We were even able to introduce her to a dog we already owned to make sure they would get along before we brought her home. The two are no inseparable.

We picked out Isabelle the day she was born. We were provided with pictures and stories to update us as the puppies were growing. We knew so much about our puppy before we even met her. We were able to name our puppy the day we picked her and she was called that from day one. It was such a wonderful experience. We couldn’t imagine having any other dog but Isabelle.

-A very happy fur baby mom,