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About the parents

Bella was born Dec. 2009 to Crumb and Rhet from Boaz, AL. My family and I knew once we saw a picture of her, she was to come home with us. My dear husband knew I wanted a short lap dog! I wanted a dog that would be happy playing and just as happy sleeping beside me on the sofa. That was the plan any way I should have figured out very early things don't always go as planned. When Bella was 6 weeks old we made the trip to AL. to pick her up. The 3 of us walk in and there she is, with all her Corgi cuteness. We all take a seat and call her by her name and who does she goes to you wonder! Bella waddles over to my Dear husband and lays on his feet! I believe that was the ticket to his heart. From that day on he called her ” Daddy’s girl”! Did I mention she was to be my dog??? Bella is a very lazy, bring it to me, I'll wait till you catch it then i'll come sniff it kinda girl. Unless your going in the house then she has to be the first one in. First to the food bowl, first to be loved on.

Edward was born May 2011 to Toot and Snap Dragon from Boaz, AL. We got the txt on our way back from FL. That toots litter was here. Gwendolen emailed pictures and while we was riding down I-75 I knew Edward was the new “ MY DOG” I didn’t let my Dear husband look as his picture until after I picked him. When Edward was 6 weeks old my daughter and I made the trip to AL. to pick Edward up. In case you’re wondering I left my husband home. I didn’t want to take a chance of a “ Daddy’s Boy” happening. We walk in and Edward comes running and barking at us wagging his cute corgi butt. Love at first bark I tell you. On the drive home my daughter got the bonding time with him. And I hear the words I didn’t want to hear. “ maybe this one will be mine mommy!” inside my head I am screaming NO NO NO NO this is MY lap dog!!!! With a smile I look back at her cuddling this sweet corgi , and said we can share him. We walked in the door and I said to my dear Husband " this one is off limits!!!" Edward is truly a " mama's boy" He is a very loving, happy to see everyone kind of fella. He loves the water/pools, and trips in the car.

So this is how Bella and Edward came to be part of our happy family. We are not a puppy mill in any way. Bella and Edward are our fur babies and we spoil them . Before you pick a corgi as a fur baby please do your homework on the breed. Corgi’s are high energy. They are very loyal to their owners. Corgi’s are very smart and enjoy learning. They crate and house train very fast. Corgi’s pick up on what you think is cute and do it over and over. Full grown females weigh around 24-28 Lbs. Males weigh in around 25-30 Lbs. and should stand about 10-12 inches tall.